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Bring customer alignment through journeys, blueprints, and diagrams. Take a journey with us, and we’ll take you there.

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Test and de-risk ideas.

Test and de-risk ideas

Our MVP in a Week framework helps to design a testable prototype of high business impact use cases in a week.

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Launch and maintain a business idea.

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We can help execute on your ideas and deliver CX excellence that strengthen customer engagement.

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We will evaluate your current CX and develop a detailed roadmap for turning it into a competitive differentiator.

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Develop clear path to loyalty via UX Mapping Services.

Combine storytelling and visualization to create a holistic view of customer experience or interaction with a product or service in order to accomplish a specific goal.

Mappings make sense of and describe various aspects and processes associated with a product.

Invest a week with us on a UX Mapping Workshop

Move your agile approach from Project to Product.

Adopting a projects-to-products mindset is the critical factor in ensuring that your organization's agile, DevOps, and digital transformation initiatives succeed. Building products instead of projects allow for faster pivots, faster time to value, higher quality, collective ownership, and alignment with the needs of your customers.

Make decisions based on the context surrounding them.

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Get set up with the right
CX Design solution.

Imagine you’ve figured out how to be customer centric and transform the mindset of your team? You have successful digital initiatives and less struggle. Your collaboration within and outside your organization has improved and your team’s knowledge base increased.

Well, this sounds like what you are looking to reach, correct?

Ready to experience a boost in implementation of your CX Strategy? Set a customer-centric mindset for your organization in a way that's no longer overwhelming, find what works for you.

Using our proven CX methodologies and services, we’ll help you on every step of your projects.

We love what we do and it shows!

The journey mapping session with Intelligaia provided a multi-layered understanding of user insights and how they make choices in a contextual setting. It helped us better visualize which aspects of the business to focus on.”

~ Principal Architect at Cisco

Intelligaia has provided touch driven applications for TouchSmart environment right from its conceptualization. They have given quality products with complete user satisfaction that are being shipped as built-in applications of TouchSmart systems.”

~ Product Team HP

From Hardware, Software to Services, now we are able to provide a complete portfolio view to the business. This is the best Data & Analytics team Cisco ever had in its history! Everyone should be proud of our achievement.”

~ Director Fortune 100 Company

We want to thank you for the incredible job you did on our clickable prototype. The conference was a success and we were able to share with several strong prospects.”

~ Product Management Team 4R Systems

Thank you for the super-star efforts. You have directly delivered incremental, measurable and significant value to the enterprise. This is the best Data & Analytics team Cisco ever had in its history!”

~ Data and Analytics Team Cisco

We are now able to scale & target 5x more EA prospects with this capability.We truly believe this platform is a game changer and is now a key accelerator for our business to make a shift to recurring revenue & to enable lifecycle relationships with our customers.”

~ Enterprise Agreement Team Cisco

These are the challenges we’ve helped companies
across different industries to overcome already.

No matter the industry, a CX design strategy can help give your business an edge.

Case Study

Digital Commerce

Significant productivity gains via a commerce UX strategy

“Moved ideas from inception to demonstrable business value. From hardware, software to services, now we are able to provide a complete portfolio view to our business.”

~ Principal Architect, Cisco Commerce
Case Study

BI and Analytics

Creating fresh streams for a business analytics initiative

“Intelligaia's team transformed fragmented customer data into actionable business intelligence. It’s a win-win.”

~ Analytics and Data Team, Cisco
Case Study


Using real-time analytics to create a better retail process

“We want to thank you for the incredible job you did on our clickable prototype. The conference was a success and we were able to share with several strong prospects.“

~ Product Management Team, 4R Systems
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Insights to keep you moving forward.

Get in-depth insights from CX experts to develop your digital customer experience and create impact for your business by boosting innovation and decision making skills. Want to improve your results?

When your team really understands the user's problem space, their best work usually emerges! Often people ask us what to expect in an MVP in a Week Program. This e-Book intends to help understand all that.

This ebook also talks about how to convince your team and organization that sprinting is a good idea which may appeal to some entrepreneurs, innovators, product owners and managers.

Learn how to get ideas out of the slide deck and into the user’s hands
Keeping Up With Changing Customer Expectations

Lead by creating a high impact CX Design Strategy. Adopt a CX Design Strategy that centers on differentiated experience and capitalize on opportunity for innovation, salience and impact.

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This report has collated the advice and predictions of CX leaders to throw light on what they believe the future holds for organizations in this time of evolving customer behaviors and unprecedented shifts.

Read CX Trends Report

A toolkit for every business.

We help our clients develop their organization to scale and sustain customer centric innovation

Create more natural conversational flows for better customer experience.

Download your free Standard Guidelines for Dialog Creation

Make bolder choices and build better products.

Get started with the sprint preparation worksheet before going full steam

Align Design Reviews with your Business Objectives.

Explore the Critique Toolkit here

Build an intuitive, empathetic and easy to user interface using minimal effort.

Know about the principles to optimize user experience

Use documentation to get your ideas integrated into the design process.

Learn about the benefits of design documentation

Accelerate the digital adoption for going virtual.

Find out how to step up and become collaborative

Facilitate structure and processes that increase quality, enable collaboration and innovation.

Find out how to operate a design team at scale

Multi-experience is a suitable catalyst for business.

Design a journey centric approach to business

Recover your product development efforts.

See how design can help

Compete on CX at scale.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to digital. Every step that requires action to bring change in your organization needs you to be inventive and decisive. Using our proven CX methodologies, we’ll help you on every step of your projects. It’s not always as smooth as following a framework or template, but by joining our workshop programs and using our CX Asset services, we’ll boost innovation and decision-making skills.

Our CX Experts can bring extra energy and knowledge on board during a new phase of your digital journey so you can reach the performance levels management expects.

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