Human Centered
Artificial Intelligence

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What’s inside

Most organizations’ preference for acquiring AI capabilities is shifting in favor of getting them in enterprise applications. A human-centric approach to innovative AI solutions requires a deliberate focus on empathizing with people, crafting their future journeys and aligning their needs to business outcomes.

Training, calibrating and incorporating AI-enabled systems requires human-in-the-loop architecture. Application leaders must understand the relationship between humans and algorithms to improve speed, accuracy and risk compliance. There is a balance between automation and human interaction to be discovered in every situation.

What you’ll learn

  • How to adopt a human-centric approach to innovative AI solutions for winning loyalty and ensuring trust
  • Why human centered AI is important for the Total Experience strategy for an organization
  • Directions to take for improving customer experience using AI
  • Business execution using design principles to help evaluate AI applications with strategic intent
Worksheet Includes Standard Guidelines for Dialog Creation

to create more natural conversational flows and improve the customer experience.

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