Thought Leadership (e-Books)

Thought Leadership (e-Books)

A collection of insights and trends across design and innovation from our thought leaders

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Defining an Impactful Customer Experience Design Strategy

Key Insights e-Book

Realize your digital transformation

Lead by creating a high impact CX Design Strategy. Adopt a CX Design Strategy that centers on differentiated experience and capitalize on opportunity for innovation, salience and impact.


Remote Design Sprint

Key Insights e-Book

Need of the hour

Make collaboration easier and effective with Remote Design Sprint. The 4-week program is efficiently designed as a complete package for a full-fledged sprint experience.


Human Centered Artificial Intelligence

Key Insights e-Book

A futuristic world to prep for

A human-centric approach to innovative AI solutions requires a deliberate focus on empathizing with people, crafting their future journeys and aligning their needs to business outcomes.


MVP in a Week

Key Insights e-Book

Turn your business ideas into testable digital prototypes

Fastest and most economical way to validate business strategies or product ideas with real users.


Designing and Implementing Customer Centric Transformation across Multiple Touchpoints and Devices

Key Insights e-Book

Thought Leadership (e-Books)

Multi experience approach reduces customer effort by ensuring all touchpoints of interaction with your business are consistent.


Path to Operational Excellence by Design

Key Insights e-Book

Amplify design’s value and impact at scale

Reduce operational inefficiencies in the design workflow through process.


How Enterprise Architects can ignite and accelerate Enterprise Digital innovation

Key Insights e-Book

Digital Innovation by combining iterative methods

Develop creative solutions to problems involving the human perspective in all steps of the problem-solving process.