4 Phases Of Recovery In The Post-Pandemic World
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4 Phases Of Recovery In The Post-Pandemic World



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How businesses are operating

The pandemic is a global event; a world-changing one. It is worth taking stock of the situations and trends that’ll govern the next few months amidst the uncertainty.

Businesses are positioning themselves to rebound in the right direction. The event has forever changed the human experience, thus we need to understand its impact and respond accordingly.

The goal is to quickly come up with ideas and solutions that are credible and promise justifiable optimism across all channels.





How are businesses coping with the challenges

Most businesses have digitized some parts of their business; in order to protect employees and serve customers by giving digital access to services across platforms and domains. Despite the slowdown, some industries have quickly transitioned to digital such as banking, medical, education, and essential item dealers like grocery stores.


Microsoft has swiftly responded by developing a health bot for coronavirus screening. The bot asks questions from potential patients as a first round of screening. Workflows like these will be relevant and are here to stay.

Also, Verizon stores made significant changes using online appointment systems to keep customers safe. A notification is sent on the phone via their app as soon as a customer gets within 75 feet of a store. This guides them about the check-in process regarding waiting time and ensuring social distancing.

Technology is also helping Verizon’s service technicians to troubleshoot issues. The kits are dropped outside the customer’s location and remote guidance is provided via an AR application installed on a customer’s smartphone or tablet that transmits images from its camera.


A large percentage of people (almost 75%) using digital channels express the desire to continue to do so even when normalcy is restored.

From a broader perspective, this means companies need to make sure that their digital channels are at par with or better than their competition to succeed in this new environment.




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