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UX Strategy


What is UX strategy?
Why do you need a UX strategy?
What are the elements of a UX strategy?
A UX strategy example
How to define your UX strategy and put it into words
What’s next? Putting your UX strategy to work


What is UX Strategy?

A UX strategy is a set of steps created to reach a desirable future state for a company's user experience over a specific timeframe. This roadmap comprises business and product goals and the end user's needs.



Case Study

Aligning customer goals to business goals and metrics


At a giant network security company, we found a major issue after partners submitted the quotes for hardware, software and services. There was a black hole in the experience. It could be a few weeks before people would hear back about the approval or more information required. Partners were expressing dissatisfaction with the very vague and complicated follow ups through support tickets.


We set out to fix this issue with inspiration from an industry that understands how an experience like this affects customer satisfaction: Amazon delivery! If I can order products on Amazon and watch it get delivered in the next few days, why is the biggest tech giant not able to track the quote progress? 

Partners were also looking for an easier approach to applying discounts based on their eligibility. So, in addition to optimizing the poor experience following the quote to order, we also set out to improve self service and an automated discount system that partners will want to come back to.

We approached this pain point from the perspective of business stakeholders, whose KPIs centered around revenue, deal size and faster Quote to Order. Rather than focusing on unsatisfied partners and low NPS scores, we presented stakeholders with a story about how to reduce the Quote to Order time by fixing the quote approval pain point. Plus proactively building capabilities to automate discount management. 

Success Factors

So, we think it was about the importance of this project being about a KPI that is meaningful to the business owners. Now a lot of new features and UX enhancements are in progress and gone live.

  • Faster Quote Approval 
  • Auto apply incentives 
  • Bigger Deal Size 
  • More accurate Quote 
  • Faster Quote to Order 
  • Smart Default and Automation