Customer Journey Mapping: Expert-led Webinar for Better UX

Introduction to Customer Journey Map

A Journey Map helps businesses identify and strategize for key moments in the product, experience, or service and powers a better human centered approach to the business problem.


Key Components

Journey maps have 5 key elements in common: Actor, Scenario + Expectation, Journey Phases, Actions, Mindsets and Emotions and finally Opportunities.


Journey Mapping Approaches

Customer journey maps can be approached in two ways; current-state and future-state mapping. Also, mapping can be based on hypotheses or on real user data.


The Journey Mapping Workshop

Orchestrating the customer journey involves preparing materials for review prior to the workshop, structuring the agenda, running the workshop and summarizing the results with clear insights and next steps.


Derive Value From Journey Maps

There is a need to turn journey map insights into action and experiences, keep journey maps current and develop a communications plan to reinforce progress toward realizing the customer’s desired journey.



To get maximum value from your customer journey maps, make them actionable, keep them updated, and communicate to internal stakeholders how they’re helping them meet their goals.