Our Promise to Care


“We set out to make a difference to Chronic Care Management. We needed to power our strategy by streamlining workflows, increasing efficiencies, productivity and improving profitability. Only a coherent design and strategy would make it possible.”


Infina Connect

We started with those who needed care

The success of a conversational interface lies not only in its functional ease but in its user-friendliness and aesthetics.

We struck a conversation

Interacting with people meant reaching out with clarity. It began by clarifying the applications structure. After we grasped the critical features and functions, we thought of the whole design system.

We cut through initial design and technical restrictions between modules. Building a better visual hierarchy resulted in implementing a clear system.

Now every time Fiona wanted to log in the annual visit details for Nancy or Leo, all she needed to know was “what is the screen asking me to do?”. This intuitive experience made it easy as a breeze for Fiona.

Finally, we took the app into the real world

Fiona could use the app optimally that led to an increase in efficiency of tasks.

We are passionate about creating personalised digital experiences.

And when this unique experience came with designing a system for organized patient care, it went beyond business to working for a better life.

A happy patient was our end goal

“Not only can my care team organize information through revised information architecture, but a more intuitive product navigation system ensures ease of use and consistent context. What we have received is simplicity that cuts across, and reaches patients to make their lives a tad easier.”


Infina Connect