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1 CX Roadmap Workshop

Based on Visual Thinking Strategies & Aligned to CX Services

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Workshop 1 Persona and Empathy Mapping

FOCUS: Develop a precise description of the user and what they wish to accomplish to make informed decisions.

Workshop Details
Empathy Map | Intelligaia
Persona Map | Intelligaia

Workshop 2 Jobs-To-Be-Done

FOCUS: Identify unmet needs and define your target markets to design products and services that customers really want.

Workshop Details
Jobs To Be Done Map | Intelligaia
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Workshop 3 Customer Journey Mapping

FOCUS: Combine storytelling and visualization to create a holistic view of customer experience and highlight opportunities for improvement.

Workshop Details
 Customer Journey Map Data Scientist | Intelligaia
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Workshop 4 Service Blueprint

FOCUS: Visualize service components and organizational processes in order to optimize how a business delivers a user experience.

Workshop Details
Increase The Effectiveness Of Service Delivery And Gain Differentiation  | Intelligaia
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