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Understand Your Important Customer Goals to Make Informed Design Decisions

Achieve Customer Goals 3X Faster

Goals & Objectives

Reasons to use our service

  • Help maintain data quality.
  • A sandbox for experimenting.
  • To be aligned to business.
  • Frictionless model deployments.
  • To get data into a centralized, self-service platform and out of people’s heads.
Pain Points

How can our service help

  • Getting high-quality, valid, and reliable data and making it available.
  • Disparate systems, historical data, and inefficient data entry process.
  • Gathering and cleaning data.
  • Disconnect between data science and business needs.
  • Multiple versions of a model.
  • Deploying models.
Inquisitive Indifferent
Detail Oriented Casual
Critical Reasoning Emotional Thinking
Open Minded Stubborn
Patient Agitated

Tasks that can influence decision

  • Conduct customer purchase behavior analysis.
  • Building, coding, and deploying models for the business.
  • Conducting data experiments.
  • Data sourcing, cleaning and preparation.
  • Troubleshooting and mining data.
  • Building predictive models.
  • Performing calculations and analysis.

Reasons to buy our service

  • Data cleaning tool.
  • Data preparation as-a-Service.
  • Managed Services for ML.
  • MLOps as-a-Service.
  • Version control.
  • End-to-end PaaS for ML.
  • Data Analytics as-a-Service.
  • Self-serve data reporting.
What does she say?

Reasons to use our service

Direct quotes from user

  • “I want something reliable.”
  • “I don’t understand what to do from here.”
  • “Where should I start?”
  • “I was expecting something different”
  • “There is a lot to manage!”
  • “Need to fill in these gaps.”
  • “How can we additionally support this as-a-service?”
What does she think?

Reasons to buy our service

  • What is best for me?
  • Why is this so hard?
  • Maybe this isn't the best?
  • I want something awesome!
  • Am I wasting too much time?

Also, pay special attention to what users think, but may not be willing to convey. Try to understand why they are reluctant to share? Are they unsure, self-conscious, polite, or afraid to tell others something?

What does she do?

Actions that can influence decisions

  • Checks the application
  • Makes small decisions
  • Postpones big decisions
  • Asks co-workers
  • Do more research
What does she feel?

How can our services help


  • What worries the user?
  • What does the user get excited about?
  • How does the user feel about the experience?

What are your emotions?

  • Overwhelmed
  • Excited
  • Anxious
  • Unsure who to trust
Help us understand where you are in your journey Do you Use Jobs-To-Be-Done maps in your organization?

UX Mapping Can Help You Position Your Solution In Your Customers’
Critical Path

Know Your Customers’ Journey Firsthand
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Build Customer Segments your organization aims to reach
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Prioritize The Customer Segment Or Persona For Greater Success
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Specific Details about Persona makes it an Effective Goal Directed Design Tool
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Workshop Outcomes

Seeding a persona-first culture within your team

Persona First Culture Within Your Team | Design and Development Journey | Intelligaia

This is your first step towards Design thinking approach for problem solving and thinking about new product or service:

  • Your goals will help you identify unique and powerful perspective to harness new opportunities.
  • You’ll be able to communicate and align cross-functional teams about who you are designing for.
  • You’ll harness best practices and use them throughout design and development journey.
  • Keep Personas and Empathy Maps updated with periodic research findings or feedback.

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