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Understand Customer Behaviors, Mindsets And Emotions Across Interactions With Your Company

Achieve 2X Higher Conversion Rates, Improved Customer Retention


Who is this journey map about?

  • The actor is the persona or user who experiences the journey and their actions in the map are rooted in data.
  • Provide one point of view per map in order to build a strong, clear narrative.

For example, an insurance company might choose either a client or an advisor as an actor — each would result in different journeys.

Scenario + Expectation

What is the situation that the journey map addresses?

  • The scenario is the situation that the journey map addresses and is associated with an actor’s goal or need and specific expectations.
  • Scenarios can be real (for existing products and services) or anticipated for products that are yet in the design stage.
  • Journey maps are ideal for scenarios that involve a sequence of events, describe a process involving a set of transitions over time, or might engage multiple channels.

Journey Phases

What are the different high-level stages in the journey?

  • Journey Phases are the different high level stages in the journey and provide for the rest of the information in the journey map that is action, thoughts and emotions.
  • The stages will vary from scenario to scenario; each organization will usually have data to help it determine what these phases are for a given scenario.
Actions, Mindsets and Emotions

What the user is doing, thinking, and feeling during the journey?

  • Actions are the actual behaviors and steps taken by users.
  • Mindsets relate to users’ thoughts, questions, motivations, and information needs at different stages in the journey. Ideally, these are “customer verbatims” from research.
  • Emotions signal the “ups” and “downs” of the experience and tell us where the user is; delighted versus frustrated.


How can the user experience be optimised?

  • Opportunities are the insights gained from mapping and how the user experience can be optimized.
  • Insights and opportunities help the team draw knowledge from the map like how to minimize user effort for future action, where are the biggest opportunities, who is responsible for the change and how to measure the improvements that are implemented?
Help us understand where you are in your journey Do You Use Customer Journey Mapping In Your Organization?

Customer Journey Mapping Can Help You Visualise the process that a person goes through to accomplish a goal and create a narrative fleshed with user thoughts and emotions.

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Workshop Outcomes

Create a holistic view of customer experiencewith CJM framework

Workshop Outcome

Combine storytelling and visualization to create a holistic view of customer experience, unify fragmented efforts, identify points of friction, and highlight opportunities for improvement. Following a definitive framework that solves the who, what, where, when, how along with lessons learnt provides a good head-start at better understanding the journey as users engage with your company, brand, products, partners, and people.

A Journey Map helps businesses identify and strategize for key moments in the product, experience, or service and powers a better human centered approach to the business problem.

Turn journey map insights into action and experiences

  • Align CX vision across different product teams.
  • Fill the gap between CX strategy and results.
  • Create new products or services for existing or new markets.

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