QA Services


Amazon Web Services | Intelligaia

AWS for monitoring

Selenium and RPA for automation | Intelligaia

Selenium and RPA for automation

Postman for API testing | Intelligaia

Postman for API testing

Apache Jmeter for load testing | Intelligaia

Apache Jmeter for load testing

MY SQL for database testing | Intelligaia

MY SQL for database testing and validation

K6 for load testing | Intelligaia

K6 for load testing

Services offered by QA Team (Manual and Automation)

  • Manual and automation QA on the desired functionality.
  • Understanding customer’s requirements and converting them into user stories alongwith detailed acceptance criteria.
  • Functional and UI testing.
  • Work closely with the product team to identify research questions.
  • Test iterations to ensure all bugs are caught and removed before the app rolls out.
  • Load testing and Database testing.
  • API testing with postman and chrome developer mode.
  • Automation testing with selenium webdriver using two different approaches
    • Framework based testing: We use behaviour driven development (Cucumber), data driven testing, keyword driven testing and pytest.
    • Traditional Automation: In this approach we use the normal implementation of automation script with selenium webdriver and python.
  • Automation with RPA: In this approach we use the Robot Framework method to implement the automation script. We also implement different frameworks as well like data driven testing method.
  • Automation of API testing: We achieved this automation using python programming by using its different packages like request to alter and automate the API’s JSON requests and responses.
  • We have also achieve the API’s automation using postman collection and executing them in serial mode then verifying their JSON responses.


  • Customer Experience
  • Performance
  • Functionality
  • Reporting
  • Usability
  • Consistency
  • Compliance
  • Monitoring

Achievements & Milestones/ Deployments

  • Launching of figma export comments plugin.
  • Automation of figma export comments plugin using selenium web driver.
  • Internal Products.
  • Provided business solutions to Cisco and HPE by performing functional and automation testing for their projects.

Automation Testing Demo