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Data Hub | Intelligaia

Data Hub

Domain Modelling | Intelligaia

Domain Modelling

User and Module Roles | Intelligaia

User and Module Roles

Microflows and XPaths | Intelligaia

Microflows and XPaths

Building Workflows | Intelligaia

Building Workflows

Advanced Page Building | Intelligaia

Advanced Page Building

Integration of REST APIs | Intelligaia

Integration of REST APIs

Importing and Exporting Data | Intelligaia

Importing and Exporting Data

Services offered by Mendix Team

  • UI design, Custom Layouts to showcase company’s branding.
  • Data sharing across multiple applications.
  • Process automation.
  • Email service from Mendix application.
  • Data-level and UI-level security.
  • Data migration and Integration.


  • Agile project management.
  • Faster development and deployment cycle.
  • Faster innovation adoption.
  • Increased business agility.
  • Increase in product quality.
  • Customer engagement/social productivity.
  • Components reusability.

Achievements & Milestones/ Deployments