Building Your MVP: Expert Workshop Webinar | Intelligaia

Introduction to MVP in a Week

The 5 day MVP workshop brings about a mutual understanding that directs the team to one goal, focuses upon the most significant problem and derives a solution out of it.


Day 1

Align and Define the Challenge

Day 1 is getting aligned and understanding the challenges that call for solutions. We define the challenges and map a journey to follow.


Day 2

Review, Brainstorm and Sketch

Day 2 is turning to solutions. We gather inspiration for concept sketching and get all set for storyboarding!


Day 3

Critique and Storyboard

Activities followed by brainstorming discussions, picking up the best solution and thereafter putting it up on the storyboard is Day 3.


Day 4

Focus and Prototype

The prototyping day! Day 4 is all about conceptualizing the idea and to gather real feedback on it. We make a clickable prototype here and you get substantial results.


Day 5

Test and Deliver

On the final day, we do user testing and get a defined direction to follow in order to make the idea a success for your brand.