UX Mapping Methods Webinar | Intelligaia

Introduction to UX Mapping Methods

Consider user story mapping as a facilitated conversation that brings everyone along for the journey.


Empathy Mapping

Empathy Mapping is where the user’s mindset is deciphered and understood. It illustrates user attitudes and behavior including what the user says, thinks, does, or feels.


Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Journey Mapping is visualizing the process of the customer journey to create a holistic view of customers’ interaction with a product or service in order to fulfill a specific goal.


Experience Mapping

Experience maps push limits of thinking, generalize the concept of Customer Journey Mapping by visualizing end to end experience that any person goes through in accomplishing a goal


Service Blueprinting

Consider service blueprints as a succession to customer journey maps. Similar to customer journey maps, blueprints are helpful in complex scenarios spanning many service-related offerings.



UX Mapping formulates a basis for your decision making, helping you achieve aligned results, a deeper understanding of your customers and organization and eventually making your brand grow.