Product Managers' Design Canon For Success
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Product Managers' Design Canon For Success



Talk Presentation At ProductCampRTP

 Markets change, technologies change, businesses change. Shouldn't the way we manage products change? Rajiv Kaul and Sandeep Chauhan, Co Founders of Intelligaia participated in the ProductCampRTP Fall Meeting held on September 13 2016. Top trainer John Mansour of Proficientz and successful entrepreneur, Todd Olson, CEO of Pendo, and Rajiv Kaul, Co-founder of Intelligaia, joined forces to help explore the evolving roles of product management for the organization and the individual over beers and bites. It was a jam packed audience keen to hear about the following topics:

  • The Evolution of B2B Product Management - From Tactical Products to Strategic Solutions To communicate design decisions and how they work to resolve these problems.
  • The Evolution of the Role of a Product Manager
  • New Journey - Product Managers' Design Canons for Success



Rajiv Kaul representing Intelligaia talked about the Canons of Design for a new journey in Product Management. He stressed how design places people at the center of everything and has inspired Product Management. He feels that today's Product Manager is a also a Design Leader. He explained that every product needs a design system and is important to put the UX in the UI. The presentation was very well received by the audience and caught everyone's attention. This can be seen from the series of tweets that were sent mentioning snippets from the presentation from Intelligaia.





Design is going to be a key element of product design. #ProductCampRTP @ The Frontier

— Scott Wittrock (@fixitinpost42) September 14, 2016




#empathymatters to design - know the people your product serves #productcamprtp

— Nancy MacCreery (@nancesays) September 14, 2016



How important is design? Just try using a product with a poor one!#productcamprtp

— Nancy MacCreery (@nancesays) September 14, 2016


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