We are aware it is difficult to make time for customer interviews before a sprint, but if one can, this kind of "pre-research" can provide a big head start. It greatly helps if you’re starting from scratch and do not know much about the customer and how they use the product.
We recommend a full sprint. If you compress the schedule, you either wont finish prototyping or testing or the team will have to work crazy hours.
It certainly does. Anything is possible by adopting a prototype mindset. Sprints begin with a big challenge and excellent team - and not much else.
Sometimes a sprint can be followed by an additional sprint to define a new feature set as needed; sometimes more user research or market research is needed to make sure the problem you're solving for your users is the right one, and with the right approach. Subsequent sprints can be used to keep the momentum and build the whole product.
Yes of course! Follow up sprints are exceptions to the 5 day rule since you already have an interactive prototype that is a testable solution on clear insights on where to go next
Members from diverse groups can participate. These include the product team, consultants, business owners, designers and managers.
Yes, we conduct both online/offline sprints. In a remote Design Sprint, additional preparations include setting up tools and communication channels. Remote Design Sprints can be a huge success but only if successfully translated into a format that works well remotely.
Yes. Intelligaia has successfully conducted sprints from startups to large enterprises and for different situations.
No. Hours for remote sprint is less than an offline sprint. We are open to any adjustments in timings according to the suitability of the participants
You are presented with a high fidelity interactive prototype that looks and feels like a real product and is a tested solution with clear insights on where to go next
A “focus group” is ten or more customers discussing ideas together and is difficult to gauge individual feelings. In comparison, Friday’s test features one-on-one-interviews and observation of user reactions.
We suggest a minimum of four to five test users. It is easy to see patterns after five test interviews.
We can schedule a 30 minutes free session with you to take stock of your needs and how’d you like to collaborate. For instance, together we can find out whether you need help with strategy development, creative direction from ideation to launch? Or do you want to recover your product development efforts?
We offer concept-to-launch CX design and innovation services in support of your CX strategy. Intelligaia’s capabilities cover the entire spectrum from concept generation, through design and development, to a successful product launch.
You can team-up with us to create a new product from scratch, improve a product or ideate on innovative projects. We can quickly roll out digital products based on your Customers’ needs and wants, Business goals, CX Strategy and Technology Stack.
Our Design System serves as a modern, innovative way of producing rapid user flows and prototypes on-the-fly while staying consistent across multiple applications. Using a simple organizational principle as Atomic Design, our design teams create a single source of truth. It includes a patterns library that reduces the need for verbal designer-developer communication.
Our technology-agnostic engineering covers front- and back-end. DevOps and Automation enable high quality and speed of delivery required to business and innovation.
Intelligaia’s capabilities cover the entire spectrum from concept generation, through strategy, design, engineering, analytics to a successful product launch.
In response to tight talent pools and evolving employee preference, more companies are embracing distributed workforces. Improvements in communication tools are making remote work easier than ever. Hiring remotely provides greater opportunity for building a more diverse team. Intelligaia has Design Studios both in the East Coast as well as the West Coast.
Yes, we can spin up a team that is dedicated to a project most suitable for mid-term or long-term projects.
Intelligaia delivers the solutions and resources that help stakeholders/clients/internal teams see the potential of DesignOps and capitalize on the opportunities this approach can provide. Enables early and frequent feedback via collaboration between the design and the development team as well as ongoing iterative delivery of assets and design decisions to the product development team. Together we can help organizations cover the operational aspects of design to effectively manage design at scale, amplify the effectiveness of design and facilitate collaboration.