See how Intelligaia can help your design team from start to finish

Unite your design and engineering teams around a single source of truth for assets that are repeatedly used within a product

Time savings for your designers by keeping the design system updated so they can focus on strategic work

Your design team feels more confident in their final design when they have access to the design system because they know its consistent with the product

Use specific library and component level based analytics to measure usage and adoption

Meet your product design goals at scale with design system

Work with Intelligaia Design Team to evolve your design system to cover more use cases.

Work to ensure all designers on the team are using it consistently (design governance).

Build separate libraries to understand how your team designs for different platforms.

  • We can build a design system from grounds up based on your branding guidelines
  • We can extend an existing design system with new components and design patterns
  • We can implement a design system across multiple apps and devices to create pervasive UX

Align early as a team on user experience with confidence

Observe and test prototypes in research sessions

Constantly build, test and iterate for an Agile design process

Collect better feedback and get buy-in with something Stakeholders can imagine and even beyond :)

Test and de-risk ideas with real experience prototypes across devices

Dream bigger with our agile design teams. Go from an idea to testable prototype in a week.

You get to answer questions like “Do we need that feature?” or “Is our UI confusing?” from the people that matter most — the specific persona.