Frontend Services


React JS | Intelligaia


  • Grommet component library
  • Material UI component library
  • Next.js for Server-side rendering
  • Redux for State management
  • React Data Grid
  • React jsonschema form
  • React Query library
  • React Hook Form library
Angular | Intelligaia


  • Material UI component library
  • Ag-grid
  • RxJS (Reactive Extension Library)
  • NGRX (Reactive State for Angular)
  • Server Side Rendering with Angular Universal
  • Ng-bootstrap library
Vue JS | Intelligaia

Vue JS

Vuex for State management
Typescript | Intelligaia


Adds optional types to JavaScript that support tools for large-scale JavaScript applications
D3 | Intelligaia


Powerful visualization library for frontend
GraphQL Client | Intelligaia

GraphQL Client

Graphical User Interface to send test queries
GoJs, yFiles library | Intelligaia

GoJs, yFiles library

Library that lets you easily create interactive diagrams in modern web browsers

Services offered by Frontend Team

  • Building UI components and pages with Storybook.
  • Components testing with React Testing Library and Jest.
  • Snapshot Testing to ensure UI does not change unexpectedly.
  • Internationalization & Localization of web applications.
  • Auto Caching, Refetching, Prefetching API requests, etc from frontend.
  • Use of ESLint, Prettier, and EditorConfig to make frontend development easier and make applications less error-prone.


  • Achieve uniformity in the code.
  • Reusability of code and components.
  • Faster development cycle.
  • Increase development quality.
  • Make code simpler, more readable, and easier to maintain.
  • Detect errors in code and rectify them in the development environment as-much-as-possible.

Achievements & Milestones/ Deployments

  • Storybook component library development of Scrumbooster, Export Comments project.
  • Export Comments plugin & Dashboard development.
  • Export Comments project getting popular and receiving positive feedback/appreciation from customers.
  • Better unit testing, code quality, and optimization.
  • Improved UI/UX with UI libraries like Material-UI, and Grommet.
  • Export Comments on AIGA

Export Comments Demo