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UI Design and Design System

Create an intuitive customer experience and drive growth.

Craft Design System

A design system is a complete set of standards intended to manage design at scale using reusable components and patterns.


  • Optimized designs
  • Agile design iterations
  • Increased Engineering Velocity
  • hared vision with designers and stakeholders
  • Consistency of design across apps


 Design system for web apps  

Complex Tabular Information



What’s your challenge?




Ensure your design system helps to achieve the purpose of your product at scale.



Work with Intelligaia Design Team to evolve your design system to cover more use cases.

Work to ensure all designers on the team are using it consistently (design governance).

Build separate libraries to understand how your team designs for different platforms.

  • We can build a design system from grounds up based on your branding guidelines
  • We can extend an existing design system with new components and design patterns
  • We can implement a design system across multiple apps and devices to create pervasive UX