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A Journey Centric Approach to Business

Multi experience approach reduces customer effort by ensuring all touchpoints of interaction with your business are consistent.

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What’s inside

Remove friction and effort for users through contextual use of digital technologies to deliver seamless and memorable experiences for customers, employees and all users of the digital products and services. Enterprises looking to accelerate their digital journey need to rethink their transformational strategy. Multi experience may prove to be just the right catalyst!

This e-Book informs about leveraging various modalities, digital touchpoints, apps, and devices to design and develop a seamless experience for the customers.

What you’ll learn

  • MX Strategy and recommendations to achieve a seamless experience
  • How to reduce customer effort and boost adoption
  • Harmonizing and connecting multi experience, employee experience and customer experience
Worksheet Includes Readiness Worksheet

to start planning for MX Business Scenarios

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