Remote Design Sprint

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What’s inside

To face challenges, innovate and improve is the ultimate reality to create an impact. Remote Design Sprint is the need of the hour and we have innovated to incorporate it into our sprint program. This e-Book is a detailed guide to it.

Discover everything that happens across 4 weeks of the sprint. You'll find answers to each question there is regarding the remote sprint.

What you’ll learn

  • How to realize the right goals for your brand.
  • How to figure out major obstacles that refrain you from achieving the goals.
  • Map journey to the goal.
  • Build prototype of the product in order to answer your sprint questions.
  • Get a direction and trace a practical journey into a successful future for your brand.
Worksheet Bonus content

Includes a Scoping Workshop which comes as a trailer allowing you to understand the process before going full steam.

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