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Expansive thinking and sky-high ideas lay the groundwork for innovation.

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Pioneering Innovation and Future-Focused UX Design Excellence.

We passionately explore the new and undiscovered, always focused on the future. By staying ahead in technology and upholding design principles, we pioneer experiences that merge innovation with design excellence. Join us on a purposeful journey shaping the digital future.

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Up the creative staircase, solving problems at every level.


Our Six Golden Rules

intelligaiaWe believe people are at core of everything
intelligaiaWe tell meaningful stories through empathy and insights
intelligaiaWe improve, learn and grow
intelligaiaWe actively listen, take responsiblity and be accountable
intelligaiaPrioritise operational efficiency and excellence
intelligaiaWe measure what matters (outside in view)

Built on solid knowledge, opening views that transform experience into innovation.

Life at Intelligaia

Looking to elevate Customer Experience?

With a globally distributed team, Intelligaia brings UX expertise and solutioning at a remarkable pace

United States
Head Office
5000 Centregreen Way, Suite 500, Cary, NC 27513
Extended Team
SCF 129, First Floor, Sector - 17, Panchkula, Haryana - 134109
Intelligaia 25 years in design
Intelligaia Agile and nimble
Intelligaia Self organized team
Intelligaia Scaleup design and engineering team on-demand
Intelligaia Brings innovative UX/UI practice
Intelligaia Human centered approach to problem solving
We love what we do, and it shows.

Helping Enterprises and Startups Succeed with Good Product Design.

We want to thank you for the incredible job you did on our clickable prototype. The conference was a success and we were able to share with several strong prospects.

4R Systems

Product Management Team
Intelligaia’s team brought our vision to life and helped us create a fully functioning MVP in weeks.

Synnex Stellar

Product team
Intelligaia has provided touch driven applications for TouchSmart environment right from its conceptualization. They have given quality products with complete user satisfaction that are being shipped as built-in applications of TouchSmart systems.


Product Team
Thank you for all your help in getting the UX to a place where we can share with our business stakeholders.They loved it!


Case Management Support Team
The journey mapping session with Intelligaia provided a multi-layered understanding of user insights and how they make choices in a contextual setting. It helped us better visualize which aspects of the business to focus on.


Principal Architect
From Hardware, Software to Services, now we are able to provide a complete portfolio view to the business. This is the best Data and Analytics team Cisco ever had in its history. We should be proud of our achievement.

Fortune 100 Company

Thank you for the super-star efforts. You have directly delivered incremental, measurable and significant value to the enterprise. This is the best Data & Analytics team Cisco ever had in its history!


Data and Analytics Team
We are now able to scale & target 5x more EA prospects with thisnn capability.We truly believe this platform is a game changer and is now a key accelerator for our business to make a shift to recurring revenue & to enable lifecycle relationships with our customers.


Enterprise Agreement Team
“The spaces we inhabit shape our thoughts and behaviors in subtle yet profound ways." - Nicholas A. Christakis.intelligaia